2020 Kitchen and Bathroom Fads That are On Their Way Out

At Vesper Construction, we’ve been involved with numerous home improvement projects in 2020. Working hand in hand with Interiors by Mary, our company has dealt with a plethora of kitchen and bath remodeling jobs. As a result, we’ve identified many key design fads and trends that saw loads of interest this year.

Unfortunately, trends don’t last forever! If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, be sure to avoid these fads that are on the way out:

All-White Everything

Many homeowners love decorating their kitchens with an all-white design. They may literally use all white! The main colors are white and there are may be a few accents here and there. The same happens in the bathroom, creating a super modern look.

This trend is on the way out as more and more clients are starting to add warmer colors to these rooms. Pastel color schemes are in-trend right now, so ditch the plain white designs and add some variety to the equation!

Hyper-Modern Designs

At the start of the year, everyone wanted hyper-modern kitchens with brand new everything. As the year moved on, we saw more clients opt for rustic designs and older kitchen elements.

Modern kitchens do exist, and they are still trendy. But, there’s definitely a shift away from making your kitchen look like a spaceship. Most people prefer a blend of modern and traditional nowadays.

Floating Sinks

This is exclusively a bathroom design, and it again comes from the minimalist trend. The idea is that your sink ‘floats’ so it has no cabinet space underneath or above. It can make your bathroom seem more spacious, but people have quickly realized it’s not practical.

As an expert home improvement company, we can install a sink that comes with lots of cabinet space to store all of your bathroom belongings. Don’t use this outdated trend on your new bathroom and realize too late that you sacrificed that sleek look you were looking for by not having cabinets to hide your bathroom clutter!

Copper/Rose Gold

For many years, copper/rose gold has been a hot trend in the interior design world. Specifically, people had a host of copper appliances of fixtures around the bathroom and kitchen. We’ve seen copper bathtubs, copper kitchen sinks, and much more.

In 2020, this fad has started to die out. There’s no reason for this other than that it’s maybe gone on for too long. People have started to get a bit sick of this trend and want to move away from it. So, don’t expect to see copper/rose gold in many kitchens/bathrooms next year.

Hanging Pot Racks

We’ve worked on plenty of kitchen remodeling projects where hanging pot racks are a key feature. Nowadays, this fad is dying a quick death.

People don’t want too much overhead clutter, so the emphasis is more on spacious storage cabinets. On top of that, your cookware isn’t protected by doors and is open to get dirty fast. You don’t want to have to wash your pots and pans before and after you use them!

Are you keen to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? At Vesper Construction, we help with the entire remodeling process. Our home improvement company handles all of the manual work and installations, and Interiors by Mary works on the interior design. We come together to provide a service that’s geared towards your home improvement goals.

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