So, You Want To Remodel Your Out Of Date Bathroom? Keep These Things In Mind When Choosing A Theme For Your Bathroom Remodel

Vesper Construction has carried out lots of bathroom remodels with the help of Interiors by Mary. Together, we’ve designed and built a whole host of impressive new bathrooms for many of our satisfied clients.

Over the years, we’ve picked up a few important tips and ideas to help you redesign your old bathroom. Mainly, you have to focus on the theme; what will the common elements of your bathroom focus on?

To help you out, we’ve created a list of the main things to consider when choosing a theme for your new bathroom:

Check the current trends

Our first recommendation is to look at some of the current bathroom trends at this moment. They change all the time, so it’s a good idea to keep checking now and then.

We also suggest looking at various online sources to find trends. Sites like Pinterest always have a ton of bathroom theme ideas, and you have many others out there as well. The idea is that, if you spot the same trends on various sites, you know it’s very popular right now!

Realistically, this helps you collect a few ideas that can inspire your chosen theme. You can copy a theme you’ve found online, or you can take different elements from your favorites. Either way, this is the best place to start as you understand what bathroom themes look like.

Think about the rest of your home

While a bathroom redesign doesn’t affect the rest of your property, you shouldn’t view it as a separate entity. Remember, this room is still part of the overall interior design of your home.

Does it make sense to pick a theme that goes against everything else in your property? It’s up to you, and some people enjoy having a stark juxtaposition between different rooms. However, the general consensus is that your bathroom theme should align with the rest of your property.

Here’s a simple example: if the rest of your house follows modern interior design themes, don’t create a rustic bathroom. It sticks out like a sore thumb and looks weird in your home. In short, use the rest of your house as inspiration when choosing a theme.

Look at how much space you have

The amount of space in your bathroom plays a crucial role in its theme. For example, imagine you have a tiny bathroom with minimal space. For years, you’ve struggled to move around in this space because there are too many things crammed in there.

Here, you have a chance to redesign your bathroom along a more practical theme! You could choose to follow a minimalist interior design theme as it creates more space in this room. Now, you can actually use your bathroom without feeling claustrophobic!

On the other hand, what if you have a spacious bathroom area? Here, you may prefer a grand design that uses bold bathroom furniture and takes advantage of the space available.

Either way, the size of your bathroom definitely needs to be taken into account. You may find that certain themes aren’t possible in a small bathroom.

The main colors

A bathroom theme is more than just the colors. It relates to everything in your bathroom, and it should all flow with one another. That being said, the colors are a great place to start.

We’ve spoken about getting inspiration from elsewhere, and the main thing to look for is trending colors. Again, your house will also come into play!

In essence, you should find the main colors that create the theme for your bathroom. Most of the time, this is one or two colors that are present in the main areas of the room. For instance, on the tiling, and in the bathroom furniture.

You need to get the main colors as they determine the different accents you will choose! Slowly but surely, your bathroom theme starts to come together.

For example, you could choose a monochrome theme, meaning you have mainly black and white as your two key colors. You might have white tiles and a white sink, accented with black faucets or cabinet handles.

The point is that you understand the main colors in your bathroom, which lets you know which accents to use and what could never work!

Consider functionality

Next, you must think about the functionality of your bathroom. Once more, this links back to a previous point – the size of your bathroom. The amount of space available does play a role in how practical and functional your bathroom will be. Still, it’s good to consider the core functional elements that you need.

An excellent example is a bath vs. shower debate. Look at your bathroom and think about whether you need a bath or shower. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will the bath get used a lot?
  • Do you have enough space for a bath?
  • If you choose a shower, what type of shower are you looking for? Will it be a standalone shower, or should you build one into a bath?
  • Is it better to choose a wet room instead of a traditional shower?

All of these answers are needed when you think about how functional your bathroom can be!

Then, you have to ponder all the storage space. Generally, the more storage space, the better! This opens up another can of worms as you work out the best ways of installing storage space in your bathroom.

Regardless, thinking about functionality will let you understand some of the main elements of your bathroom. It helps you decide what bathroom furniture needs to be bought and what can be removed from your existing bathroom space.

Work with bathroom remodeling contractors near me!

Finally, you should consider working with bathroom remodeling contractors in your area. Why? Because you’ll partner with people that have done this before and can provide advice on choosing the theme!

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