When Choosing a Construction Company, Keep These 6 Things In Mind

There are many reasons you might need the help of construction companies. Typically, you need help building or designing something. A lot of you will have home improvements you want to make, while others might want to build a brand new property.

Either way, you need to find the best construction company for the job! If you do the research, you’ll spend your money wisely and will see amazing results.

Keeping that in mind, what should you think about when choosing a construction company? Here are some vital points to consider:


Right off the bat, you need a construction company with a lot of experience. The more jobs they have under the belt, the better they tend to be. Experience hones skills and ensures the construction company can work efficiently and handle simple and complex tasks with ease.

Similarly, you should find a company with relevant experience for your project.

As an example, let’s say you want to improve an aspect of your home. Maybe you want an extension? You need to find home construction companies that have done this before. You could find a company with years of experience, but if they’ve never done a specific job they might not be suitable for your job!

Look at their website to view their experience, and also inquire about services. If you spot a service or past project that aligns with what you’re planning, you know you’ve got an experienced company that can help out!

An existing portfolio

Any construction company worth its salt will have an existing portfolio to look for! What does this mean? Effectively, it’s a catalog of their previous work. They might not have examples of every single project, but they should have a good collection for you to look at.

Sometimes, the portfolio is available via the website for anyone to look at. Other times, you have to request it to see examples of specific projects – If it’s not on their site, speak up! Call them or send them an email including a brief explanation of the project you’re planning and ask for any photos they have of similar work that they have completed!

This is an important consideration as it shows what they’re capable of. You have visual evidence of before and after shots from different projects. It builds trust between you and the construction company as you know if they’re capable of handling the task.

Also, if there’s no portfolio or evidence of work, it looks a bit dodgy. What are they trying to hide? Why aren’t they eager to show off their old work?

Client testimonials & reviews

Next, it’s always worth looking for any testimonials or reviews. A client testimonial is basically a quote from a previous client that validates the company’s talents. It will tell you that they’re good at their job and provided an excellent service for a client.

Clearly, the more testimonials a construction company has, the better they will be. It shows they have lots of happy customers that are willing to speak about how great they are!

Likewise, reviews are an accurate way of seeing how good a construction company is. There are many places you can find reviews: on the company website, Google, Facebook, and other online review platforms.

You’ve got two main considerations; the review quantity and the average rating. Ideally, you should look for construction companies with a positive average rating – for example, they average 4-5 stars out of 5.

The average rating carries more weight when the number of reviews is high. You could argue that a construction company with a 4-star rating and 2,000 reviews is better than one with a 5-star rating and 3 reviews.

Remember, most people that write reviews write them when they are unhappy, not the other way around. Numerous positive reviews from ecstatic customers is a great sign!

Project scheduling

In some cases, you don’t really have a timeline for your project. Lots of home improvement projects are on flexible schedules in that you don’t have a specific date when it needs to be completed. However, some construction projects may have tight schedules. This comes into account when choosing construction companies for your timeline.

Firstly, you need to outline your schedule with different companies. Let them know the project aims and when it needs to be completed.

Next, they should provide you with a timeline that fits your schedule. They’ll outline all the different elements of the project and explain how and when they will complete them. It fuels you with confidence to know you’re working with a company that can stick to your schedule.

Alternatively, they might tell you that your schedule is impossible. If this is the case, listen to their reasonings. If they provide practical reasonings that make sense, you should think of this as a good sign. They’ve demonstrated clear knowledge and have been honest and up-front about it!

That’s the key; you need a company that’s honest and can give evidence when they make suggestions or tweak your schedule. It’s a massive improvement over a company that blindly agrees to your schedule without showing how they’ll manage the workload.


We’ll keep this point short and sweet as there’s not a lot to discuss. You will have a budget for your construction project, correct? So, you need to keep this in mind when selecting a construction company!

In short, does their service align with your budget?

This is a great way to create a shortlist as you can cut away any companies that are too expensive.

Additional services

Lastly, you should think about the additional services offered by the construction company. What will they do for you? Are they only there to suit your construction needs, or do they offer interior design services or something else that you are looking for as well?

It’s far more beneficial when a construction company provides extra services. This means you can take care of construction and interior design at the same time! Even if they might not provide the service themselves, it helps if they work with another company that offers this service. It saves time and makes it much easier to manage your project!

In conclusion, keep all of these things in mind when choosing a construction company for your building needs. If you need help with an upcoming project, Vesper Constructions will gladly provide an elite service! We offer residential and commercial construction services to tackle a plethora of projects. Alongside this, we partner with Interiors by Mary to provide an extensive interior design service. Contact us today to learn more or book an initial consultation!