Why Choose Vesper Construction for All of Your Commercial Needs

Commercial construction projects need the right contractors to work within budgets and timeframes. Logically, selecting the best construction company for the job can take some time.

At Vesper Construction, all of your commercial construction needs are met by our experienced and knowledgeable team! We have more than three decades of experience in construction. We understand what businesses want from their commercial buildings!

Whether building a brand new property, making alterations to an existing one, or even looking for help with interior design, we can help. You can be sure that your project will be completed on time and on budget by our team in southeast Michigan.

Vesper Construction has been building commercial buildings since the company first started, over 30 years ago. In 1981, John Vesper worked on his first construction project, Bridgewood Center in Clinton Township, and in 1985 built the Friar Tucks restaurant!

Over the last several decades, the company has continued to grow and has taken on commercial projects of all types, from restaurants to office buildings. Our mission is to deliver high-quality construction in both our residential and our commercial projects.

We are dedicated to building and helping to improve our local community! This includes supporting local businesses as much as we can.

Projects Small and Large

Our construction team is ready to take on commercial construction projects of any size, big or small! Whether you want to build new construction or make changes to an existing business premises, we will discuss your needs and provide a complete construction service from start to finish.

When your business needs help with changing the internal layout of your office, we’re here! If you want to build a new site for your restaurant chain, you can always turn to Vesper Construction as a reliable and trustworthy pillar of our community.

We will be there for you all the way, from the blueprints to finalizing the construction!


Construction Company You Can Trust

Expanding your business or moving to a new site is a big project! It’s expensive and time-consuming, and not something that you choose to do lightly. When you do decide to take the plunge, you need to know that you have a construction company that has your back.

When you choose to work with Vesper Construction, you can guarantee that you will have a reliable team prepared to help you with anything. You will only benefit from experience and knowledge built up over more than 30 years! A dedicated company that isn’t prepared to make any compromises on quality, with your best interests in mind.

Combine Construction and Interiors

If you also need interior design services for your commercial project, we can help with that as well. Vesper Construction is just one part of Vesper Companies, along with Interiors by Mary – a full-service decorating company that has been serving the people of Clinton Township for over 30 years!

When you choose Vesper Construction to meet your commercial needs, Interiors by Mary would love to help you to finish your project to a high standard!

Contact us at Vesper Construction today to find out more about how we can satisfy your commercial needs!